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11th April 2021

Good morning amigos!

It has certainly been a while, what have you gone and done to PMs and equities while I was away? When I left, we were on a home-run looking juicy and ordering caviar sides with dinner, but I think I’m about 20% down on junior miners since the start of March!?

‘Where have you been Liam, we missed you!?’ Gee thanks, it was lovely to get so many emails and messages through the last 4 months from you about stock picks, when we’d be running e-conferences and why we’d gone quiet…

The wonderful answer is: Origin Exploration.

Last year I got the immense opportunity to take on my dream job alongside friends Andreas Akesson and Tim Strong, who were looking for some ‘avante garde’ opportunities. Oh boy, did we find them together!

I shipped out at the end of November 2020, returning to the scene of my first ever internship in the mining industry in Liberia. We launched our maiden field campaigns with valiant geo Rowan Thorne and Ex-Hummingbird Country Manager Walter McCarthy roughing it up in the jungle and me on the phone 25/8 organising our field ops in our Monrovia HQ, as our new Liberian team tackled regional soil sampling and geo-mapping across our Unity and Moores prospects. With promising results, we brought in German ESG Advisor Nicole Kuper and British Geologist Gemma Lawson in January. We evolved the plans quickly from a basic scouting survey in November, to running 4 full back-back field sampling and mapping campaigns.

It was intense, probably the hardest thing I have done in my life, but so darn rewarding. I’ve always believed in Liberia as one of the most hopeful and positive countries in Africa. Being able to return 8 years after my first visit and employ skilled local geos to look at stunning virgin projects in hugely prospective shear/greenstone terrain while interacting with fun, welcoming communities, it’s been a real blast.

I’m chuffed to say the second set of samples from Origin’s projects has arrived at the lab in Cote d’Ivoire and we should be presenting you some rather tasty data in the coming weeks. For all the financial woe, stress and heartache along the way… We reckon we have found some thoroughly decent geology. This is the hardcore uphill battle we must face in 2021 to find genuinely un(der)explored and fresh prospects. I’ll do it all again given the chance!

So what now…? Having delivered a trailblazing launch at Origin, I will now be stepping back to allow more experienced minds handle our finance and business development as we expand into a regional force.

Having taken a beating in the bush, I’m back for another stint on the cat-scratched and wine-stained Spotlight throne… Rabbiting and whining about junior miners for nobody’s amusement.

Basically though, I have an issue as a newsletter writer… While I’ve gained lovely new skills in exploration ops, I’m 4 months behind on everybody else’s news and projects. I’m really gonna need your help to catch up! So I’m issuing a reverse plea as a newsletter… Could you send me all of your news and sign me up to all of your lists? What hot results have I missed? Which projects have flourished/flopped and who should I be following for gossip?

Most importantly, who should we be writing about and covering here at Spotlight this month?

Answers on a postcard (unless you are in Canada… For no logical reason at all the Austrian and Canadian postal services have ceased cooperative delivery. It is the world’s least exciting international feud).

Have a lovely Wednesday,


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With a family background in African mining exploration and a degree in geology, Liam brings a mix of technical ‘on-the-ground’ ore hunting and suit-booted office experience to the team. Liam worked in Liberia with Hummingbird Resources and spent 4 years as a geochemical analyst, before focusing on streamlining communications and development in exploration businesses, through the founding of ‘Spotlight Mining’.