Cabral Gold - Cuiú Cuiú Update

17th November 2020


Featured Image: Gold nuggets panned from the main drainage at Cabral’s Cilmar target.

Since Spotlight’s last coverage of Cabral Gold’s Cuiú Cuiú project[1], nearly 2 months of their intensive drill program and ongoing reconnaissance work has passed and so we figured it was about time to catch up with Alan Carter (CEO) and see how things are progressing.

As of this week a second RC drill rig will be on site and operating for the purpose of expansion and definition drilling of existing high-grade targets that are located outside the existing MG and Central deposits and where geological control has been established through limited drilling and trenching. Alongside this, their first RC rig will continue to drill previously identified reconnaissance targets across the 36,000ha property. 15 holes have been drilled so far at Alonso and 9 at Medusa, which are only 2 of some 15 targets remaining in the program.

In late September, ongoing surface exploration work on the property identified a new series of 6 NE-trending high-grade veins in the Machichie area just north of the MG deposit[5]. These new veins are interpreted as the tensional products of sinistral movement on the major E-W trending structures in the area and therefore fit the structural prospectivity bill. More recently, surface grab sampling have returned grades up 108.3 g/t gold, delineating a new high-grade target 1.6km  ENE of Medusa, Dona Moca[3]. Identification of a 1.4km gold-in-soil anomaly at Medusa has led Cabral to suggest it could be a significant zone of mineralisation and a possible source for some of the abundant historical placer gold.

The good news doesn’t stop there. Surface channel sampling at the Jerimum North target returned 5.3m @ 24 g/t gold on another newly discovered NE-trending quartz-pyrite vein, reinforcing the understanding that NE-trending structures may be important hosts of high-grade gold mineralisation[4]. Taking all this into account on a larger scale, it highlights the potential of the east of Cuiú Cuiú where more and more targets are being rounded up. This ‘snowballing’ of high-grade targets in the area means it will soon enough be the focus of drilling and we get to patiently await results.

So, what does all of this really mean? Well as Alan points out, the large number of targets at Cuiú Cuiú equates to several chances for additional discoveries and a high number of chances to create value in the project and for shareholders. Further, work only continues to confirm their geological suspicions. The drill program is going to accelerate from now on and we can expect the flow of news to accelerate accordingly. In other words, watch this space.

To find out more about Cabral’s exciting Cuiú Cuiú project, please see our Project of the Week feature[1] and the Cabral Gold website[2].

Location of targets at Cuiú Cuiú, which is a shear-hosted gold prospect in the Tapajós region of northern Brazil.


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