Econference Summary and my weekly trades

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Well, that was nice!

Those of you who know me personally will know I have a significant soft-spot for REEs and critical metals. I don’t always see economic value in their production, but the conspiracies around supply, the global posturing by political loons who don’t know what they are, and their geochemistry fascinates me.

Today, alongside Anthony Cohen, Mitchell Smith, Ed Loye and James Sykes, I had the pleasure of discussing security of supply for niobium, cobalt and REEs around the world. I also made a point of discussing ‘morality of supply’ which is a quite different point.

While I can’t speak for others on the panel, I personally despise the wasting of metals, especially when they’re so difficult and dangerous to source in the first place. As a community we can spend 5-10 years developing stunning projects in remote places, only to see the eventual product thrown off a bloodthirsty warplane over some innocent children in a Middle-Eastern Desert.

I personally think the sensible use of the metals we have is as important as the exploration for new resources and, aggression (It’s not defence if you start the fight, or join voluntarily) shouldn’t be one of them we accept or trade with anymore.

You can see our panel’s full YouTube presentations HERE and download their presentations using the following links. Feel free to forward any questions I missed and I’d be happy to connect you directly to the presenters for a follow up!

E-Tech Metals Presentation
Global Energy Metals Presentation
Plato Gold Project information
Appia Energy Presentation

Thank you to everybody who joined the show!

In other news… I panic sold off a lot this week (all green so, no hard feelings), but seem to have missed a joyful Thursday rally! I kept my Anaconda and AMEX and both have bumped

This morning I took money out of Boliden (post dividend of course!) and took a chunk of Excellon Resources, thinking they’re the only reasonable producer who haven’t seen a flurry of recovery yet. I’m also somewhat attached to their Braunsdorf project in Germany; I would really like to see it come through. Also bought a small amount of Chakana Copper Corp. for their stunning tourmaline breccias (I told you, I’m a geek at heart, not a very logical financial guy!), I see space to develop and am aiming for a long-term earner as they develop (it’s already a tasty 5% up this evening).

Ready the violins and sherry, I let my beloved Mawson shares sail away from me at €0.25 earlier this week. I still think they have the best European gold project and real potential in Australia. They will stay firmly on my shopping list to get back into. This was a fairly emotional moment; they were the first shares I ever bought. I'd like to pass on my heartfelt thanks to their team for putting in the hard hours that paid my rent, in quite a difficult month!

Have a wonderful day,

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Webinar Replay: CEOs from E-Tech, Global Energy Metals, Appia Energy and Plato Gold discuss their projects and the importance of Cobalt, Niobium and REEs in modern life.

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