Edelmetallmesse 2019 Photos and thoughts…

G’day mining friends!

In the English speaking world it was remembrance week, in Germany it’s the start of the carnival season… Make of that what you will…! We hopped on a train south and spent last weekend at the Edelmetallmesse in Munich. It was a brilliant show. We made a lot of friends and may have indulged in a few Helles!

In review: Germany has cash to spend. People are actively seeking investments and (for the first time in a while) open to early stage projects. What Germans are not seeking is another lifestyle/pump-dump company. The market here is wise to North Americans and won’t be falling for another long tale from a CEO on 20k/week talking about 1mOz deposits after 3 dill holes at the same intersect… I saw one German open a conversation with a CEO with: ‘What is your salary’

What impressed crowds was well planned work schedules, respectable presentation, reliable numbers/technical data, realistic statements and then… for those on the cusp, an ‘x-factor’, a stunning media display or well stocked website for them to take away and read through, an exotic new location or genuinely decent swag (This year’s ‘best swag’ award goes to EMX Royalty Corp for a triple layered thick wooly hat which has staved off the beginings of winter here in Bayreuth which I will be sporting at PDAC if we get -15 and snow again!).

Munich hosts an intense crowd to battle with, but one that any serious company with a serious deposit and respectable reputation should be hammering on the doors of in Canada’s cash poor state. If your numbers hold up, you’re onto a winner right now… BUT Choose your hosts wisely, remember Germany has seen you coming from miles off and knows you’re desperate! A few roadshow hosts are being pretty rough here… Think of it as revenge for all the scam stocks they’ve been sent in the past! We’d be happy to recommend reliable and respectable people to meet and plan with if you’re thinking about a trip this way…

We ran a  ̶d̶r̶i̶n̶k̶i̶n̶g̶  networking session on 8th November alongside our friends at Der GoldReport, Salt Lake Potash, Matsa Resources, Sovereign Metals & EMX Royalty Corp. which was staggeringly attended with barely any room to stand up. To everybody who came along and met the teams to learn about their projects (and perhaps for the beer?), thanks for a great evening. (see photos below!).

Solgold then hosted us for a late dinner in town to discuss their progress in Ecuador. This project has had ups and downs and seemed to be a bit of a wild goose chase last year when we first met at Mines & Money London, but their team seem to have brought it back around from the brink. Their geology looks respectable on paper and they believe in what they’re doing. (We’ll have a full update with their team from London next week)

If you would like a final piece of evidence to take away, to suggest that Germans are serious in the market right now… THIS VIDEO that we filmed in front of a packed out room has received 1200 views in 2 days… it’s a 40 minute presentation in German summarising 2019 for investors by Hannes Huster of Der Goldreport… There are no pyrotechnics, no car chases, nothing we’d expect from a 40 minute movie … Just straight talk on investing… People are loving it.

In other news this week

  • Crystal Lake Mining have opened up a Private Placement, with an interesting 3 year ‘no consolidation’ clause, they have had extensive talks with industry majors about their Sassy Resources spin-out and NW gold-zone expansions. Lab results are due any day now and we’re excited!
  • We heard about big plans at Juggernaut Exploration with their news release this week teaming up with Hunter Dickinson. We expect JGR to open a PP soon and it could be a fun one to ride up. Their Gold standard property has some ridiculous classic Canadian goldrush type veins on it which have never been drilled and might pull out some whopper numbers.
  • We’re thinking about covering European Lithium’s project in Austria, but haven’t come to any conclusions yet…!

As always, email me for more info on any placements mentioned…

Away we fly then! Monday to London for the 121 and Mines & Money double headline this month… Optimistic and scared at the same time, Can my shattered motherland (Britain) possibly compete with Europe right now or are the shows going to be a giant exercise in moving money offshore? We’ll certainly let you know and probably partake either way.

Winter is now here, keep your families close and look after each other out there in the freeze, special mention to our hard-working German corp. secretary Anke, who’s currently iced into a small village in central BC with her kids, without power and probably in dire need of a decent sherry or three if any of our kind readers are nearby!

Cheers and have a wonderful day,
Liam Hardy
Spotlight Mining

The Globex Mining booth, fully stocked with maps and goodies for keen investors, showcasing their awesome Braunsdorf project in Saxony and 160 or so in Quebec!
The first ever ‘Mining 4 Beer’ in Munich with sponsors from EMX Royalty Corp, Matsa Resources, Sovereign Metals & Salt Lake Potash
The first ever ‘Mining 4 Beer’ in Munich with sponsors from EMX Royalty Corp, Matsa Resources, Sovereign Metals & Salt Lake Potash
The first ever ‘Mining 4 Beer’ in Munich with sponsors from EMX Royalty Corp, Matsa Resources, Sovereign Metals & Salt Lake Potash
Recording Hannes Huster’s (Der Goldreport) talk on Saturday morning
A completely full room for Hannes Huster’s (Der Goldreport) talk on Saturday morning