Europe goes it alone for 24 hours…

G’day brothers, sisters and those otherwise defined.

Biggest news from Friday: Vangold (TSXv: VGLD) have initiated a bulk-sample agreement with Endeavour Silver Corp. Vangold have 330moz of mine material at surface and in underground dumps and are pulling through on their promises to develop it faster than you’d get a hamburger in a drive-through.

How many other companies get to bulk sampling and dealings with majors within a few months of their stock being opened for trading?

This early stage agreement with Endeavour shows that producers in the area are willing to play and get involved in James Anderson’s Vangold story which I see as a vote of confidence for future development.

While it’s entirely speculative, who’s to say Endeavour don’t see what’s in the sample run and just decide to buy the entire pile, or even start a bidding war with other local operators like Fresnillo, who also have mills and facilities within spitting distance of the stockpiles…?

This news has flowed over the market this weekend. I’d expect a rush on Tuesday as Canadian buyers try to get in ahead of bulk testing results.

See the full news release HERE.


With Canada asleep for today, we’ve taken the bull by the horns in Europe and kept pumping wildly into gold, silver, platinum, palladium and (surprisingly) lithium! What today presents is a rare occasion to divide up Canadian and European buying on co-listed stocks without doing too much actual stats work.

With turbulence in Peru Regulus are having a tough time and are one of few on the watchlist not soaking up the madness here. We’re also seeing that Europeans have almost no interest in Uranium plays with  Appia and Skyharbour both suffering in the red after earlier pumps from North American ‘resource nationalists’ keeping them on the up, predictably not translating to German trading whatsoever, where  Uranium has already taken too many investor’s hostage and broken trust ties.

Big notable winners today are Impala (+10%) and Anglo Platinum (+10%) as Pt and Pd futures look upward. Lithium Americas see a continued steady rise this month instead of a ‘panic boom’, which is nice.

This is of course ‘flavour of the month’ trading, but shows European interest levels in various resources over Canadian.

We want precious metals and a bit of battery energy on the side…

Cheers everybody and have a great day-off in the good north.

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