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14th April 2021


Good morning friends!

You should all know by now, I'm a super hipster and I love getting in early to trends, I compulsively stop listening to bands when they get cool and I was eating avocados before they were an ultra carbon-footprinting 'superfood'. As such, I love getting my little teeth into junior exploration projects early on.

On that note... Spotlight Mining are pleased to announce a new partnership with Goldplay Mining (Scheduled to trade in the coming days on the TSXv, under the symbol ‘AUC’) as they plan to hit the field in Canada & Portugal this year.

Goldplay have picked up a great area North-West of Stewart in BC, which you all know is my absolute favourite part of the world, for its stunning landscape, mining community and geological potential. The ‘Scottie West’ licence is just along the hills from Brucejack Lake 2 hills up from Ascot’s Premier Mine. Nearby drilling by Scottie Resources and Mountain Boy Minerals has also shown big potential for gold, silver and base metals, it is a very active corner of the world.

Catalin Kilofliski will be leading a strong board at Goldplay. In his last position, he was instrumental in bringing Tudor Gold Corp. from a $25m to a $500m MC alongside Ken Konkin and the team so, is ready to tackle similar infrastructure and challenges in BC.

The company also have several projects ‘in the works’ in Southern Portugal, along trend from Avrupa Minerals & MATSA’s current drilling into the ‘Iberian Pyrite Belt’, targeting similar massive-sulphide copper deposits, like those being mined to the south at Neves Corvo (Lundin Mining) and at historic projects (Lousal, Aljustrel, etc.) all over the south of the country.

I can’t decide which of these regions is most exciting at the moment, I’m a big fan of BC, having been up the hills and met the people on the ground many times, but I have also been underground with Lundin in Portugal and seen how well a sizeable project can be managed and pushed forwards there. Either way, my cheque has been written and I will be covering news and progress for our shared enjoyment.

Feel free to reach out if you would like more info about the projects from me, or Catalin and I’ll be glad to put you in touch.

Have a great Tuesday!

Spotlight Mining

Here's a short chat with Catalin and Björn at

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