Mining for Europe: Our expert continental panel digs to the depths of European mining

Introducing our new series 'Mining for Europe'. In the relative terms of European mining, we brought together an all star cast from each corner of the continent to discuss social, environmental and governmental issues facing the development of mining in Europe and, how we can best address them.

Daniel De Oliviera, Head of Mineral Resources and Geophysics at LNEG & Chair of the 'Mineral Resources Expert Group' at Eurogeosurveys

Mike King, Managing Director, Cornwall Development Company

Pasi Heino, Head of Ore and Industrial Minerals, GTK in Finland

Hannes Huster, from German newsletter Der GoldReport

Marco Turic, Serbian mining lawyer working with Mundoro.

Jon Dobson, Representing the voice of the European people.

The title music for this production was performed by PEG & The Rejected and released on an Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike License on International City Recordings.