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Hi there mining amigos!

This one has been a tough week for many of us. As I work in mining and especially in publicising mining, I bear the brunt of a lot of criticism from my friends about the entire industry’s actions, regardless of whether I agree with them or not.

A single headline shared to Twitter about a whopping and pointless coal mine in Australia being licensed, despite coutrywide protest, is instantly equated by outsiders to what we do in Canada and Europe… and we’ve quickly reset back to everybody auto-hating mining again. People simply lack the critical thought to seperate these regions, materials and issues it seems.

With the XR protests raving in London, topics like clean energy and sustainable materials are on everybody’s lips online right now (and rightly so)! As a species we should be cleaning up our mess and taking better care of our environment… What I’m really struggling to explain is that these green cars, wind turbines and agricultural solutions people are protesting for do not grow on trees… They don’t come from factories in the Wirral, we can’t tweet them into existence, they have to be mined!

I’m obviously preaching to the choir with this mailing list, but our whole industry’s PR is currently being controlled by a few majors from the world of hydrocarbons, BP, Shell and other huge lobbying groups. Unfortunately those groups controlling our image are universally distrusted and disliked by everybody under 30 years old. Whether you like it or not, this generation will keep trying to phase out hydrocarbons, they’re set in stone on this path now. That means, a generation of workers, consumers and voters turning against us and blaming the entire world of geologists for their issues… And importantly  not investing in our work!

When are we going to be brave enough as metal, phosphate, and mineral miners and explorers to step out from this shadow and make our own path, promoting our genuine green line towards cleaner and safer production, supplying for progressive materials, agriculture and products? When will we shout from the rooftops and say ‘Hey… excuse me protestors, actually, we’re diggin’ up metals for wind turbines, please shout at somebody else’.

We’re losing another generation, similarly to the 30-50 split caused by the last major crash… Let’s crack on together from now and do our bit for the image of our industry, it will take all of us, and some harsh words perhaps, to some of those stuck in the mud… Like it or not, their wages and ours now depend on a change.

Cheers and have a great weekend,

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VIDEO: This week was HUGE for Crystal Lake Mining with two major NRs… One detailed results from their ’72 Zone’ where they’ve hit respectable (Canada’s biggest of the month) intersects in the prospect’s maiden campaign. Second was this whopper of a find introduced in this video by Mars Napoli (CEO) … A brand new Nickel-Cobalt discovery. Very early days, but… Keep your eyes firmly on Chachi!