Tales from the Covid Bunker: Day 3

With the cancellation of all of our overseas jobs for the forseeable future...  I'm waving a tin can around in the proverbial mining streets this week. I've launched a Patreon service, where you can sponsor our newsletter and content from €3/month for extra updates, exclusive videos and make requests for specific write-ups etc. All support will be greatly appreciated.

VIDEO: Today's 'End of the World' soundtrack comes from Keith Barron at Aurania Resources - 'The Doors - The End'

Happy Sunday friends!

I've been beavering away in our little bunker and rooting through around 2tb of unsorted footage, interviews and photos from last year to find us some fun things to share... The good news, we have LOADS... The bad news... This blog isn't going to give us enough time/space to get through it all, we just have too much to share!

One of our favourite projects in the world right now stretches the length of the Ditrau Alkaline Massif in Romania. I love filming here with our friend Elena at EVA CREATIVE, partly because a 1 hour flight was so much nicer than our normal 24 hours commute Europe to Northern BC, partly because during my research years at Brighton Uni, I read a chunk of academic work from Kathryn Goodenough and Victoria Honour in the UK describing the mineralisation processes and resource potential.

What we saw underground was much bigger than predicted. Tunnels stretching for KMs packed with monazite, moly and sulphide veins which crumbled from the walls. The PXRF was frothing with excitement. I can't tell you the numbers, but they were joyous to observe and sure to be published one day!

The local, privately operated team at Strategic Resources have been on-site with government support, mapping and safety certifying the tunnel complex and trying to get this prospect online. If you haven't seen it already, here's our FULL VIDEO from our visit in August 2019.

Here's a brand new video tour underground with geologist Orsolya Katai, which we may never have had time to produce without this bunker lock-down!

VIDEO: Orsolya Underground: A tour inside the Ditrau Alkaline Massif in Romania with Strategic Resources Central

What are we expecting tomorrow as markets open up... I'm thinking a miniature bump on volume as everybody is stuck at home dividing up their coins and wondering what to buy and what to bury in the garden. I'm going to mostly miss this market rush if there's ever a legendary recovery, I'll be stuck with my existing portfolio willing it to recover, but I wish the rest of you with succesful disposable income all the luck and I'll be back in the game soon!

Following a suggestion from Andrew at Supercharged Stocks, I read up on EXRO Technologies, who are engaged in electric vehecle components and development. Assuming the whole electrification thing still goes ahead in the coming years, they have a heap of key patents and technologies that are already being applied by producers.

I think a refresh on Nevada Exploration is due, I still consider them very high risk, but their location and theory is the kind that could easily hit a 10/20x boom if they stumble into something, surrounded by major producers and infrastructure in the friendly jurisdiction of Nevada. I'm not sure their water sampling methods are going to generate value short-term, for no sensible reason markets only seem to enjoy drill results, probably because most people don't understand the relevance of a well performed channel sample, soil grid or water monitoring study, but down at €0.10, I'll bring my average down a little by buying some more.

Other than this, I'd look at small producers, with the ability to keep plodding along and stuffing the coffer regardless of the virus. I've already mentioned Anaconda and Matsa.

Finally... Another Rock of the Day for all you exciteable rockhounds desperate to get back out snd start licking sillicates... Erika from Riverside introduces Los Cuarentas...

Thanks again and see you tomorrow...

Spotlight Mining

Rock of the Day - Erika from Riverside introduces veins from Los Cuarentas, Mexico

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