Oh No… Not another Spotlight Friday Round-Up – 14th Feb 2020

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Ello ello mining friends!

After months of failing to prepare, not finding time to write newsletters, not looking for a house, not making the connections I was supposed to and not doing any suitable research, my girlfriend and I have moved to Vienna!

I’m writing from a Starbucks on Griechengasse, which has become my office for the past 3 days, while I search for an actual office space. In the coming weeks, Spotlight Mining will be formally ceasing it’s UK operation and registering as an Austrian start-up, these are very exciting times indeed…

Expanding on our existing hub in Germany, we will be launching a new ‘Central European Investor Network’ (CEIN), connecting mining investors in Slovenia, Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic and showcasing these beautiful regions, as well as bringing the global mining projects we support into Central Europe.

Regular procrastinators (I assume, our audience) may have noticed our new feature at the top…?! We are launching (as I type) a new website and investment hub alongside Andrew O’Donnell at Supercharged Stocks! Andrew has been delivering free advice to the market for a long time and, we reckon it’s probably worth paying for now! Spotlight’s super web fairy, Sam, has been fairying away in his fairy webhouse for the last month to deliver the new site and a huge set of media and data for subscribers. We highly recommend scheudling a meeting with Andrew at PDAC and seeing why you should subscribe…

Enough about us… What has happened in the world of mining…?

Blurry eyed and unsure of my surroundings, I reached for my phone yesterday morning to find notifications from my trading app (Trade Republic) telling me I’d hit milestones and was suddenly in profit. Assuming this was an error (I’m a newbie and, not great at this investing thing yet!), I loaded her up and discovered 6/8 of my current holdings were up 2-20%.

Now, I say ‘up’, but I bought during, what you Canadians call, ‘tax loss season’, because us Europeans don’t have the same seasonal arrangement, we just soak up your cheap stock while you’re trying to lessen your tax burden. so, I say ‘up’, but this is really recovery for most of you.

I’ll mention a few here but not ramble… The wider market and metal pricing remains mysterious to me. I’m focusing on individual projects with teams I support and pretty rocks, rather than market trends. The market will always be and flow and crash and rally… The best projects *should* survive to weather slopes and climb in the good times.

AMEX Exploration (TSXv : AMX)
Bought without looking at €1.13 While drunk at VRIC this year, at, what was then, a market high, a stupid investment at the time, luckily turning a corner now. One joy of working in Vancouver, and trading through an instant trade app, is that the German markets are open for business while you’re still slurping down midnight tequilas. This means you can act on rumours and gossip, and make stupid decisions like this one, immediately, one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, (trading) floor. AMEX hit another whopping hole and the market responded. Up from €1.05 to €1.22, today they’re at €1.23. I like the team and the story. Classic gold in Quebec, but with some staggering high-grade zones.

Kelly introduces one in our ‘Rock of the Day’ series below:

GOLD Mining (TSX : GOLD)
Doesn’t need much introduction. Bought a heap of reportable resources during the downturn, now reaping their reward. Bought at €1, now at €1.07 with a weekly high of €1.10. High exposure to gold price, but they hardly paid for their Oz in the ground so… it’ll be profitable for them either way.

See Andrew O’Donnell and Amir Adnani discuss the company below:

Mawson Resources (TSXv : MAW)
Bought at €0.16, sold at €0.14 (I was impatient over the winter and had bills to pay!). Despite my premature exit, Mawson are now at €0.18 on the back of massive expansion news and results from the Arctic. As well as developing in Finland, MAW are now exploring historic/current producing regions in Australia… The market wasn’t very impressed by this considering how monumental it could be. The position MAW took surrounding one of the highest grade and most-profitable mines in the world could be there fast-track to production and cashflow, something I really value, when companies stop relying on their shareholders and start earning their own salaries… While their Northern Finnish Rompas-Rajapalot gold-cobalt project continues to increase in size (from its 1/2m Oz 43-101) with regular high-grade hits. I fully expected this news to rocket the stock, but, it hasn’t (yet), in fact I’ve barely even heard it mentioned…? I’ve bought back in this week and, lets see how Australia goes eh, my current opinion is that, its still huge news, but, for some reason, nobody has heard it yet!

Mike chats to Andrew at their Vancouver office (before their Australian news was public!) below:

Thats all from me. I’ll be in Jamaica with the GeophysX team from Sunday for 8 days, then heading up to PDAC of course.

Looking forward to another catch-up on more positive market terms! Do drop me an email, call or whatsapp if you want to sit down for a coffee or, one of many predictable tequilas! My favourite part of the job is actually learning about you guys and your projects so… humour me!

Have a great weekend everybody,

Spotlight Mining