Tales from the Covid Bunker: Day 1

REM – It’s the end of the world as we know it (Live from Glastonbury, 1999). If we’re going to be locked in for 2 weeks, we’re going to have some fun. What is your favourite ‘end of the world’ themed song…?

It looks like we’re locked in for the long-haul. Borders closed, flights grounded, projects cancelled. That doesn't mean we're napping though, with the world glued to Twitter, this is our time to shine as online marketing gurus for our partners. Bring on the fresh challenge and let us know if you want to join our new remotely managed media promo program!

I’m currently in Slovakia, where I fled with my girlfriend 2 days ago. Essentially, there’s no way we could afford to stay in Austria for weeks without work and with closed borders, it’s too expensive to exist there while we’re not earning so, Bratislava is our ‘affordable with limited savings’ refuge. Do say hello if you’re within sneezing distance, we stocked up on cigarettes, fruit ciders and beer so, you’re welcome to visit and drink the boredom away!

As we’re all glued to our screens for a while, I don’t see any need to rush in with the mining and business stuff, this is going to be a daily spam mail until we’re released back into the wild so, plenty of time to harass you with advertising and namedrops… I do apologise if the extensively drawn-out nature of these indirect and overcasual sentences annoys you but, we have A LOT of time to kill together now.

Our first jobs to cancel were site visits in April with Vangold and Riverside Resources, Because Mexico is still relatively safe from the flu and flying us in could A) be impossible and B) infect an entire country. Sensible call and we're still on great terms with both companies but, a real shame we won’t get to see their projects this side of the year.

Riverside are still out in the field in full operational swing, which is great news, hopefully we’ll get some site updates and entertaining stories from John-Mark and the team as the week progresses. I imagine we’ll funnel them out through Twitfacetergram or, wherever our social media fingers flap to first on our phone screens… Follow us for more free spam!

We are also chuffed to launch the Supercharged Stocks newsletter portal with Andrew O'Donnell today! Andrew has a wealth of investment and brokerage experience in the mining and tech sectors and we highly recommend signing up to his newsletter immediately with the 'Early Bird' discount (while we finish building the site!).

We are in a ridiculous void of value/cash in the markets and these voids are where today's millionares made their millions, investing sensibly into hugely undervalued companies and doing as much research as possible alongside experienced investors. Now is the time to climb aboard this train if it rides back up the hill. Andrew has some excellent stock picks, some I agree with, some I don't, but all with their own merits. JOIN NOW EH!

In Conversation: John-Mark @ Riverside Resources

While we have loads of spare time, we're going to be digging into a few of our favourite company's projects with more technical write ups and discussions than our standard: 'Go on, just buy stuff, because the videos look pretty'.

Our first team to agree to a grilling are Mundoro Capital, and I fear I'll struggle to unsettle them. I had the pleasure of visiting Mundoro's Serbian field teams last June and seeing for myself the immense scale of their projects. Sat in a mining friendly country, along a major mineralised structure in the Timok volcanic complex, around some of the world's largest active copper mines, with proven mineralisation and major drilling/JV partners... There's not much to challenge here. But I'll have a go at being critical!

I'll be speaking to CEO Teo Dechev and her geo/dev teams this week and reporting back on operations and developments for 2020.

Thanks for stopping by.  Wish us luck in our Slovakian bunker and, we'll surely chat again tomorrow! Drop us an email, Facebook, Tweet or other message if there's any topics or companies you want me to ramble about. I have the time to write it, if you have the patience to read it!

Spotlight Mining

  • Our site visit write-up from GeophysX Jamaica is now online in The Prospector Magazine - Read it HERE
  • PDAC attendee confirmed safe and non-infectious by Public Health Ontario. Official PDAC release HERE
  • Libero Copper Close $450k PP - Official news release HERE
  • Andrew O'Donnell featured on INN at PDAC - VIDEO
  • VANGOLD (TSXv: VAN) have opened up for trade again. New CEO James Anderson kicks off at 'Il Pinguico' in Mexico - Official release HERE.
  • Riverside Doubles Land Position at Oakes and Progresses the Ontario Portfolio in the Beardmore-Geraldton Greenstone Belt - Press Release HERE.
  • Check out 'GeoLatinas' an awesome initiative to help Latin American ladies into geoscience - WEBSITE

Rock of the Day - Massive Lead, Zinc & Silver collector's piece from Affinity Metals

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