Tales from the Covid Bunker: Day 10

Featured image: Up in the clouds, soil sampling with CLM on Chachi Ridge, July 2019

END OF THE WORLD: Our valiant web manager, Sam, has been busy beavering away this afternoon to build us an e-conferencing server and portal at short notice. He wins a coin for the apocalypse jukebox! Joy Division - Isolation

This rant’s Base notes…

  • We have confirmed 4 companies to launch our first e-conference on Thursday 26th March at 4pm GMT (09:00 PST, 12:00 12:00 EST, 03:00 AET). A registration form will be
  • If you’re a major employer in a developing region, pay your f*****g staff, even if your mine is closed. Barrick, Vale, etc… The thousands it’ll cost you from your overall pool of billions are worth investing to keep your team’s kids fed. Nobody will look down on you for putting food on the table in tough times.
  • If you’re going to accept social handouts in this downturn, now that it suits you, don’t deny or mock others when it suits them, in future.
  • Fun fact: Sunday is this newsletter's most engaged night. More of you read it now than at any other time during the week.

Huzzah Sunday is upon us,

You’ll be surprised to hear, I spent it inside the bunker. We have M&Ms to snack on and a chilli on the hob bubbling away. Not a bad life really. Last week I went on a bit of an ‘Anti protest’ rant on behalf of the angry right…  Today, I’ll be rambling and ranting slightly to the left. If that scares you, or you’re likely to be triggered by a left-leaning thought… Drop me an email! I love a good debate and chat and I have all the time in the world in this bunker!

News… Everything is closed. Thick and fast, producers, developers and explorers are calling teams off. Even stern and unwavering Norilsk have now said they’re having problems. One would hope this makes an excellent scapegoat for accelerated closure at their Nikel plant on the Norwegian border (one of the world’s dirtiest mines).

Lithium Americas have halted development in Argentina, Yamana have scaled back, Vale execs are working from home, MMG have stopped work in Peru… and all of the hills are nice and quiet for a little while.

Those of us lucky enough to be in the developed world with healthcare and insurance (be it social or private) will be relaxing with our families watching reruns of Bond movies on Channel 3 and arguing over the last Yorkshire pudding. It could be the first holiday and family time many of us have really had in years and, we’ve probably opened that nice bottle of wine we were saving.

In the poorer realms, no mine production means no work, means no food. With no social care system, a lot of the guys who actually swing the hammers or operate the machines that put the gold on your tables in New York, Vancouver, London or Wherever… Are now in desperate times.

So, Lets be sure to show some grace and consideration before whining and complaining about a blip in stock portfolios, remember that the blip in the developing world means kids might not be eating. Mining provides for a long chain which ends at six figure salaries and starts with 9-year olds scratching the blue dust out of bags in Central Africa. We’re all one industry, exchanging things from the ground for other things, to feed our families.

Coronavid-19 is having some enjoyable & unexpected effects worldwide. We’ve all seen pictures of the dolphins in Venice, splashing around in what (to an untrained eye) seems to be clean water (we all know deep down it’s still a sewage and fuel sludge). I’ve seen some wonderful (but unreferenced) projections for the slowdown of CO2 emissions as planes are put under tarps and industry grinds to a halt.

More excitingly, we’re about to trial something which industrialists, republicans, climate change deniers, conservatives, capitalists (whatever you call the grumpy rich guys in suits in your country) worldwide have been claiming is impossible throughout my lifetime.

We’re about to try an economy that’s burning far less oil (despite oil being almost free) and has ceased terrible levels of tech/luxury consumption and been forced to live a simpler, sustainably shaped life.

For our entire youth, most of us wanted to smash and reset ‘the system’, while being unaware precisely, of what the system was… Well… It’s just kind of happened and, it wasn’t a human that caused it, it was a beautiful mutation and mistake in nature.

Isn’t that kind of nice?

Remember Thursday 26th 16:00 GMT… Join us!

Have a lovely evening, friends.

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