Tales from the Covid Bunker: Day 11

Featured image: the dangers are real! From the Stewart Museum in British Columbia!

End of the World Jukebox: I have selected my own apocalyptic tune for today's jukebox (apologies to those who I've queuejumped!). If you liked Michael Jackson, you'll love Easy Star All Star's 'Thrillah'.


Ello ello there Monday Bunker friends!

Firstly, a retraction:  Yesterday I claimed dolphins had returned to the waters of Venice, which aparently is a completely bogus story thats been circulating, which I failed to fact-check. Thanks to Thibault from Ceasars Report for sending this debunker from National Geographic! Thibault wins a coveted Spotlight Mining cookie and proves that his research is probably a lot better than mine!

Finally I have actual mining news for you, not just aimless complaining! You'll remember my thing for 2020 is to focus on people who actually want to go mining... Less on the mindless exploration, more on selling things from the ground for profit!

Great release from EMX today, with the purchase of royalties in Chile on 18 properties from Revelo Resources. The ability to splash cash and continue business in these times is not being overlooked, with EMX up 14.5% on the European market today, awaiting Canadian open. You can read the full release HERE.

Last week, Australian Vanadium made another announcement about their projects, which have received glowing government support and are charging towards production. their pilot scale test confirmed high recoveries from their projects. AVL have suffered the crash as a high-volume stock on the ASX and are currently in the bargain basement end of the miners... Offering an immense opportunity to get into a battery/industrial metal production story for around €0.05! Official release HERE.

Matsa Resources announced a new gold discovery, adding to their existing portfolio and production in Australia as well, last week. Great to see the small companies pulling their weight. NEWS RELEASE

VIDEO: Paul Poli from Matsa Resources chats to Hannes (Der Goldreport) at Edelmetallmesse in Munich (Produced on-site by Spotlight Mining)

I'm going to keep on plugging small producers and those with cash in the bank. Low cost exploration is going to dominate newsflow this year and if you can drive up to site in an open space (Perhaps Northern Mexico, or the Aussie plains), you've got a bigger edge than you did last year! While the rewards up in the helicopter-accesible hills are potentially bigger, who's funding you this year?

I also believe now is the time to take a look at Europe again. This virus has flipped things on their head, people are observing supply chains struggling and shops running empty and they're finally engaging with their end-end consumption model. It is clear that Europe needs its own viable mines, producing regional materials to keep regional projects moving. We don't need them right now for luxury phones or Teslas, we need them for our food and healthcare systems to keep operating.

As Derek Wood mentioned in our chat last week, Government's are going to be launching huge infrastructure campaigns to keep employment numbers up (and give their corporate friends a nice backhander in the downturn). It is greener and better for all to produce the industrial materials for these locally, than to ship millions of tons from a distant unpronouncable part of Eastern Africa/Australia and, we have the resources available!

Look at Serbia, look at Finland, look at Spain, look at Sweden, even look at Germany. Look at regions where lesser known projects are flourishing, and currently picking up the slack for interruptions to supply. Resource security is not a nationalist, tribalistic issue of 'us Vs them wave a flag about and shout some rhetoric', its a logistical and environmental issue, that we can address right now.

Nuggets of the day:

  • Nick Germain (Mining Book Guy) wrote an excellent report on Mundoro's projects in Serbia after a thorough site visit. Read it HERE!
  • Andrew O'Donnell (Supercharged stocks) has written a solid piece about the existing issues in the junior mining world, pre-corona, definitely worth a read HERE!

Thanks amigos and, as always, stay safe out there!

Liam Hardy
Spotlight Mining

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