Tales from the Covid Bunker: Day 12

Featured Image: Stopping off for a glimpse at the massive Pan American La Colorada Mine near Hermosillo, with John-Mark from Riverside (TSXv: RRI)

End of the world jukebox: 'Ben Lee - Catch my Disease' - Thanks to James Anderson from Vangold Mining for bringing up the mood!

Skip the pleasantries... What fresh novelty is this…? Junior gold companies are following gold on its bounce today! I’m not sure how to react, but generalists seem to be getting onside with mining. If we consider the January ramp up to have been mostly existing investors enjoying their existing skills, this recovery could bring in a much wider audience.

Take $GOLD for example, up 7.5% currently on German market with a lot of gold in the ground across North America. Also, silver producers following suite, with PanAmerican up 11%.

I wouldn’t say this is a turnaround, but it could be the start of a slightly less violent relationship between gold price and junior miners…? I’ve already mentioned, my chips are down now, and I’ve bought what I wanted to buy from the ‘reduced to clear’ shelves. What happens now relies on the favour of Felaggundu.

Coincidentally, if you’re looking for some culturally enriching entertainment, I can’t recommend Stephen Fry’s ‘Mythos’ highly enough. I had no idea Greek myths and legends were so beautifully convolute, or so wildly amusing.

Note: If you’re getting cold feet in the junior mining market… Today might be a good day to sell off and run! I'm stuck here for the long-haul… But… Take opportunities when they come if you’re losing sleep over your stocks, you could be better off buying the kids a nice woodworking set and sitting down with them in the garden for a few weeks, than hanging on in the bunker with us!

Spotlight Mining News:
We are delighted to confirm Vangold Mining have been fully fumigated and allowed to enter the Spotlight bunker! Vangold have recently relisted under CEO James Anderson and changed their symbol to VGLD on the TSXv. The company have an exceptional historic project at ‘Il Pinguico’ in Mexico to get working on. We’ll have a lot more to share with you in the coming days!


FEATURED ARTICLE: Mining in Bor: a rocky road to prosperity - Liam Gives an overview of Bor's turbulent history and why Mundoro are ticking all the boxes there as modern developers.

Tuesday Nuggets:

  • Unreferenced news from a bar-stool: Several weeks after a highly prospective deal was struck between Afghan and Canadian governments behind closed doors at PDAC (for mineral rights/access), the USA have pulled $1b in funding from the country. Sore losers much?
  • Andrew O'Donnell (Supercharged stocks) writes up: Noveau Monde Graphite. NM win the Spotlight Mining award for most entertaining marketing campaign with no competition, after their #GotGraf promo. Article HERE.

Enjoy the green days... Tomorrow will be pouring reds again (business as usual!)

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Spotlight Mining

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