Tales from the Covid Bunker: Day 19

End of the world Jukebox: Charlie Stephenson form SI Capital in London presents: The Rolling Stones - Paint it Black

Featured image: Hanging off the edge of the world, Crystal Lake's CEO Cole Evans goes a little further to show us the copper enrichments on Burgundy ridge


Howdya do everbody!?

Around the World with Corona:
Our E-Conference series will continue this Thursday at 16:00 GMT (09:00 PST, 12:00 EST). We will be featuring knowledgeable folk from around the world discussing how their regions have been impacted by the current market downturn.

Paul Metcalfe, VPX at Auramex will be discussing British Columbia, Tim Strong from Kangari Consulting will be focusing on West Africa and independent consultant Jorge Sanhueza will be presenting South America. Register HERE

Yaaaaawn...  What a slow day in the junior mining realm, after all this excitement of crashing and buying and selling and misery... I'd forgotten what a semi-regular day felt like!

I bought a little more Riverside at €0.099 and have open bids on Agnico, Anaconda and GR Silver, but it's quite difficult to buy anything now in Germany. We're looking at prices almost triple the bid on some stocks and I'm wary of buying much over market price at the moment... So, we're in a good old 'Frankfurt stand-off', I can't buy what I want, because nobody wants to sell.

Despite what all my Albertan friends are saying on Facebook, my global clean energy stocks are up, a very modest, 2% despite competing against ultra-cheap hydrocarbons. Good work world. I’m hoping for a boom in government infrastructure investment coming as we wind down from this crater, to restart economies and provide work. There's a very high chance these projects will be focused on clean energy.

Don't despair my oily friends... We need your engineering and technical skills to accomplish these developments. We don't want anybody out of a job... You should be part of this revolution too!

Tuesday Timbits:

  • Lake Resources finally budged 40% this week, a long time after announcing some great new lithium extraction technology, something they lead their regional market in.
  • Avino Silver struggling and down 11% today. I would assume the strengthening of other producers has raised the competition stakes, Avino have failed to make any headway after selling off Bralorne to Talisker. Avino's cash position is now partly tied to Talisker's shares... Which may worry some of you!
  • Pilbara signed a 5 year deal with Chinese 'Yibin Tianyi' for spodumene concentrate, but stock doesn't shift an inch... Lithium is a scary place to be right now ShareNet Article
  • AMEX Suspend drilling in Quebec. News Release
  • Anaconda appoints new board member with financial background. News Release
  • First Majestic become largest shareholder in GR Minerals. Mining.com Article

Thanks again to those who've messaged this week, keep sending me your thoughts, news or just hellos! Stay alive!

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Rock of the Day: Mars Napoli from CLM compares porphyry mineralisation styles

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