Tales from the Covid Bunker: Day 25

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Good afternoon bunker buds!

Day 25 and we seem to be seeing some kind of stability gently ease into prices this Monday with no big shocks at open.

Today in my basket: EMX up 14.5% to €1.34, Agnico up another 3.4% to €42.34 (after a 20% run last week), Global Clean Energy up 3.1% (Vs WTI crude which is up 1.4%), Nevada Exploration down 7.8% to €0.08 (I think I’m going to be stuck with these shares for a while now!).

I’m reading a lot of hyped panic and fearmongering from old-time investors and some ‘V shaped recovery’ predictions from others… All seem to agree that this is going to be a nice space for mining in the coming years. ‘You’ve got to be in it to win it’ (or lose it). I’ve not lived through a better time in my short years to buy so cheap and join the stock lottery!

Even if the gains are small from hear on, lets prove our worth as an industry and step outside of our boxes. While there’s no direct news flow, why aren’t we all posting about how we care for environments, our communities and who works in our team? Why aren’t you reaching out more now?

I’m seeing around 50 new sign-ups every day to various social media groups. They’re all newbie investors asking for advice on trading platforms and looking to put in their first few hundred ‘monetary units’ into something… I’m literally the only person there from the mining world plugging our partners, our stocks and our friend’s research and explaining why I support it.

For a lot of you who’re paying an IR team… Consider giving them a slap them on the wrists for not being creative in this time! There is so much opportunity to reach fresh audiences with everybody locked inside and forced to communicate digitally.

We’re all being force-fed ads and sponsored opinions every day, but many companies are still using the same old tired channels to tell the same old tired people the same old tired stories.

In this downturn that ain’t gonna stick!

Are the companies you follow panicking, hiding, or stepping up to the 'downturn dinner table' ready to fight? Let me know who you think is handling this time best, and why!

Have a lovely Monday, friends!

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