Tales from the Covid Bunker: Day 36

Featured image: From this week's Mining4Beer-athon, over 200 people logged on worldwide over 18 hours to raise a glass and ease the isolation hours away.

Happy Friday and all that jazz…

Welcome to our new subscribers this week! Our mailing list is going from strength to strength and, I hope you enjoy my nonsense and rambling and take some time to check out our great sponsor’s projects at Mundoro, Riverside and Vangold.

I’m still in recovery mode from an exceptional launch of the Mining4Beer-athon we hosted on Wednesday. What an awesome crowd! Around 200 of you logged in to sip a cool beverage together and meet some new faces. I was kicked out for unruly drunken behaviour somewhere around Toronto and didn’t make it to the end sadly (my first drinks since going into quarantine 5 weeks ago didn’t react well with my isolated brain!).

Spotlight Web Manager Sam, lead M4B organiser Cameron and our friend Dennis from Cumbria did a sterling job of surviving most of the 18 hour haul! I think we should definitely do this again; we’ve had nothing but positive feedback so far.

Today’s market musings:

Calm. I’m 0.75% down today, leaving me 4.5% up for the week, with limited trading differences between German/Aussie and Canadian markets in patterns for now. EMX Royalty are almost back up to their January highs and look like they’ll continue strong into the year. Anaconda Mining end the week 16% up at €0.122 and my side-pot ETF in global clean energy is now up 17.4% this month. Going green is rewarding in many ways!

Nice move from Matsa Resources bringing them back to ‘break even’ point from my buy in, I caught them on the way down, lacked patience there and was worried they wouldn’t come back to me! No real surprises anywhere on my watch list. I like calm… Lets hope this carries on till close. I’m not buying anything else at the moment. After advice from some good friends in industry, I sold 25% of my holdings that were in the green on Tuesday, to lock in those profits, because I don’t trust what’s around the corner next week to be a good thing!

I'll gladly buy back in again if we see a dip or developments on the horizon.

Things I’m grumpy about today:

Over-promoting tat to newcomers. In the Facebook groups I frequent, I’m seeing countless people trying to shift their cruise line, travel, entertainment and health stocks. These groups are supposed to be a resource to support new investors, not to scam them into terrible spiraling companies. I’ve been offering mining stocks along with research and my arguments… But I don’t wildly plug things.

I’ve seen about 20 companies touting cures and vaccines for the corona virus and most have almost no history in the business and no licencing for trials… I’m seeing people posting photoshopped images of their accounts showing millions in profits… When a quick Facebook stalk of the poster shows they live in their mum’s attic and live on frozen pizza.

Of course, buyer beware and it’s everybody’s own free choice to go and buy… But if we want to engage and keep newbies in this game, we’ll need to be much nicer, help them out and bring them into the community. Not scam them from their first ‘hello’.


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  • Globex Mining provide update on their response to the Corona Virus - News Release
  • Fireweed Zinc Announce change of directors - News Release

Cheers eh!


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