Tales from the Covid Bunker: Day 41

End of the world Jukebox: One of the things I miss most about living in Brighton is the novel live-music and social-drinking scene... Fuelled by superb bands like my friends at 'The Captain's Beard'. A ragtag bunch who inspire joyful dances at folk pubs and festivals on their weekends off from pludering and pillage. Here's 'Gentleman of Fortune' to liven up your morning coffee...

Featured image: Serbian coal miners unearth Roman warship in coal mine (Source)

Big Thursday News:

  • Vangold Mining (TSX-V: VGLD) provide update on bulk sample and operations at Il Pinguico - News Release
  • Riverside Defines High-Grade Gold Targets and Receives Drill Permits at The Los Cuarentas - News Release

Morning all…

Did you miss me? We missed day 40... I figured you would probably want a break from these emails as much as I did after that many!

I sold 5 (yes, bank break time!) shares of Barrick Gold to lock in my funtime profits and bought a new road bicycle with the cash. This is my first notable profit withdrawal and direct purchase of something with share earnings since I started investing so… It was a big moment. It feels like I got a free bike...!

I hit the Danube (Donau/Dunărea/Dunaj/Duna/Дунав/Dunav/данубе... yes, this river passes through a fascinating amount of countries, languages and cultures including 4 capital cities and forms 8 different borders between European states... cool eh...!?) River path for 30km to test my legs and fell in love with the outdoors again. Even though I was huffing and puffing and sweating profusely in the glaring sun (having barely left my desk, except for cigarettes, for 40 days my fitness is hardly at a prime level!) it was such a rush and has changed my mindset from ‘grumpy old man’ back to ‘self-proclaimed feisty/annoying young journalista’ very quickly.

This morning I’ve failed once again to use the weird coffee machine in our AirBnB but succeeded in doing a little yoga and some sit-ups/press-ups and it makes a bit difference to how I attack my work. I stopped pouting about losing the trips to Mexico (I’m supposed to be on a one-month tour around the country now with Riverside, Vangold and a few others!) and bought more Boliden to cheer myself up.

I’m a big fan of their new green energy deal and overall ethos as a company. I don’t see a huge amount of profit there from investment, but my ego likes to own companies that are doing good things for the planet, so I can boast and virtue signal about how I was somewhat involved.

Sweden as a country only uses 2% fossil sources for its energy generation overall, and 70% of Boliden’s current CO2 emissions come from fossil energy production, so a commitment to almost flatten their emissions by 2030 could add Sweden to the short list of entirely carbon neutral countries around the world, who also achieve successful, profitable mining and development industries.

Perfect kindling for the existing inferno available for winding up our ‘O&G till I die’ buddies: A business-minded-yet-socially-aware government giving free education and healthcare, cleaning up the environment and achieving a 2019 world happiness index position of 7th (that’s 12 places above the USA)… While getting filthy rich in the process…? Nice eh… Neither pure capitalism, nor pure socialism, nor pure anything is good for humans or good for business… A gentle mix can work wonders from the quiet side-lines. Sorry, we were talking about Boliden not my political ramblings… But I sense another tangent up ahead… It is one of those days…

They have rocks, they have gold, they have copper, they have stability. Those are is the three main ticks I’m looking for right now.

A lot of people are saying cheap oil will be great for smaller economies and industries. I think that is a ridiculous claim and I have a theory to back that up… Please feel free to weigh in if you think I’m wrong!
The oil that is cheap (or in -value) is crude and dirty blend sat in container ships and in storage facilities.

Producers are not selling that on and not refining it for use while the price is too low for them. The oil and gas on sale to consumers right now is the same price as it always has been, filling up a car in the UK is only a few p cheaper than before… Drivers are still buying the expensive stuff from before the crash, not the cheap stuff, because that hasn’t been refined yet.

Same theory applies to farmers operating heavy machinery… They’re seeing costs for fuel (and thus our eventual cost of food) rocket as they need tankers of fuel for their harvesters and can’t get hold of it… Nobody is delivering. Major industry reliant on gas firing can’t get what it needs because those oil and gas barons you all love to brown-nose so much are not giving it away for free or trading it cheap… They are holding it down to fix the price and collapse smaller operators, so that those smaller operators don’t have a powerful position to barter for cheap prices in 6 months-time.

Low fuel price is great if you have honest traders and producers… We don’t have an honest transparent system though, we have vile pollution-happy senators and lobbyists, we have ‘Lord Applewhatsemacallit IV’ CEOs who don’t know anything about environments outside of their own family mansion estates and their big-game hunting lodges in (what they still call) Rhodesia.

All the while, wind is still blowing… the price of wind and maintenance has not changed… All the while, rain is still pouring, and the flow at the dams has not changed…? All the while the sun is shining, our invoices from the sun are at a flat-rate and those solar panels haven’t needed much attention in the last 2 months to keep purring along… All the while communities and (mining) companies who have invested in their own clean power have prospered and those who rely on oil have struggled to keep moving.

There are a million reasons to support green mining initiatives. Mining is one of the most energy intensive industries out there, when one of your local operators goes green, it’s a step towards cutting off oil’s grip on your country and economy… Support them. If you’ve been waving flags around insulting them for their pollution… Paint up a new flag to celebrate their change…

I’ve been asked to read up on FILO mining and a few others so, we’ll try and do a few hasty googles later in the week… I’m also going to write up a paragraph or so on all of my current investments and why I’ve still got them in the bag despite being in green highs... (the answer is mostly greed/stupidity).

Cheers friends, see you tomorrow eh!
Spotlight Mining

Resource 101 - Graphite: The first video I tried to produce, all by myself! With Leading Edge Materials and graphite-physcist Suchetana Sarkar, filmed at the awesome Heimatafen café in Bayreuth.

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