Tales from the Covid Bunker: Day 43

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Yohoho, and a bottle of Saturday.

This glorious day was spent pondering how to fully leave the bunker… Restrictions in Slovakia have begun to relax, and people are out on the streets again. Masks are still a legal requirement and distancing is still enforced at shops and on transport etc. This news should annoy anybody in a country who didn’t quarantine and limit movement much earlier on.

Slovakia have handled this outbreak aggressively from the start. A small country with a high-standard, but small, healthcare system needed protection to avoid a worst-case scenario. As of 10am this morning only 24 deaths have been attributed directly to Covid-19 in the country, but at a high cost of civil liberty. Mobile phones have been tapped to track movements, military roadblocks have closed district roads and borders are closed to all but essential traffic, and only for those with a valid negative test certificate, which isn’t free…

As the first country to begin opening up internal services again after a long quarantine, we’ll see if the measures were worthwhile. I believe Slovakia will become a driving European economy in the short-term in manufacturing and production… Because nobody else is open!

This should not be a signal to other countries (Aghem UK/USA) to start opening up… You guys screwed this one up and you’re going to have to suffer a little longer for listening to the 5G-spread-by-lizard conspiracy nuts and going to the beach for a college party before you’re allowed anywhere. May this be a lesson to you… Listen to scientists and try to only question things when you have suitably researched data to argue with… Not just because your aunt Margaret posted a grumpy Facebook comment and you think you know better.

There’s a wonderful idiot-loop occurring in the UK at the moment, where several months ago, Brits voted to sacrifice the country’s economy in favour of flag waving nationalism… And are now are arguing that we should sacrifice the elderly and weak to save the economy… Apparently the priority list of the heartless British population mirrors that of the government, which I suppose is nice. At keast we know democracy works…?

This kind of idiocy in public judgement is why I can’t really support any British projects at the moment. One minute ‘the people’ want resource nationalism and independence… Tomorrow they’ll be on the streets throwing their teacups at drills.

What they really wanted was just not to leave their ignorant consumerist bubbles, thus remaining unaware of resource demand-supply economics while somebody elsewhere in an unpronounceable foreign slum dealt with it… and now their garden is being torn up because they got exactly what they’d asked for... Brits can’t be trusted to make informed decisions!

I don’t really like my home country; in case it wasn’t clear why I’d left.

The long-threatened debut of ‘the cycling geologist’ is upon us, drone, camera, lycra and all!). I’m writing a piece for you and recording a new video this week on ‘Mining in Slovakia’ and I’m going to try and find out how Covid has affected production here, although, there’s not much data available.
Little known to most of the world, Slovakia produces copper, antimony, gold and silver and there is active exploration going on here in the Tatra’s. It makes up a reasonable part of the nation’s economy. (Great database for global mineral production HERE).

Big news this week from Vangold Mining announcing developments at their El Pinguico project in Guanajuato, Mexico. I spoke to James Anderson an hour ago to see what this means for the small company as they edge closer to a bulk sample from their historic producing mine. Watch our chat HERE on YouTube, or listen as a podcast HERE, or by searching ‘Spotlight Mining’ on your preferred podcasting app.

In the Spotlight: James Anderson @Vangold Mining - I caught up with CEO James Anderson to discuss Vangold Mining's latest news release, including developments on their bulk sample and drill targets.

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