Tales from the Covid Bunker: Day 50

Your favourite live shows: Everything we've ever enjoyed is now immortalised on youtube... From that time your cat fell in a small box and you just had to share it... To some of the best concerts... In 2004 I got to see Jack White destroy the Reading Festival stage with Meg and now, we can relive that night... Look out for a 15 year old Liam bouncing around at the front.

Featured image: Standing on the Braunsdorf silver stockpiles with Matthias from Globex Mining

Slacking off I have been!

Sorry for the comms gap. This week has been full of accounting, paperwork, statistics and monotony. I wouldn't wish it on any of you, but compiling 18 months worth of social media engagement and web stats into neat tidy spreadsheets for our partners has taken a monumental dredge of the depths of my brain to engage with. For a short time, these emails will be slightly less 'daily'. Apologies for this if I was bringing continuinty to your home schedules and helping you to remember which day it was.

In personal developments, I'm really getting into comuter gaming, I can't recommend it highly enough to anybody stuck at home, looking to get lost in a story or find some focus outside of family and work! So far we have a clan of friends from home on COD Warzone and I'm just kicking off a season on F1 2019 (which is free on Steam this week).

I also started watching the 1999 Formula One season last night with my girlfriend. As we have absolutely no idea what happened, it's making a novel substitute for the new season start, there are some truly exciting races to be watched in much prettier cars! Quite nice to be able to binge watch sports...


A superb example of how/when/why 'following the money' can't work for us all fell into our laps this week. MAG Silver's $60m placement with Eric Sprott is a great chance to look at how different levels of investor are involved in the wider game.

I'm a small investor putting a regular % of all earnings into shares, but I make a lot of noise. My actual financial stakes in companies is ultimately irrelevant to those companies, as is any investment below about 1% of total ownership. For the most of us reading, investing and trying to juggle odd measures of politics, supply, production, technology and all that can affect a resource stock... We're completely dependent on the company we invest into to be reliable and responsible, along with their chosen jurisdiction's government and strategic partners.

For Eric Sprott, with $60m to splash, he can create his own market and mould his own company. I have absolutely nothing against this, what I think it's important to remember is that Eric is getting involved to devlop and build a company. He's going to be on the phone haslsing MAG and pushing them in sensible directions. His investment is not the same passive one we make.

Following the money doesn't always end well! Online, people constantly say we should copy Warren Buffet, Eric Sprott and other newsletter writers and major players... But this doesn't work. If you're following the money, you're already late, the money is relying on your follow to make it's money back, not to make you anything! You need to get in before their money... If you'd bough MAG 1 month ago at €6 based on their strong story and history... You'd be laughing. If you bought MAG on the same day as Eric, you'd be €0.13c down now, in a stock which is already pushing potentially unreasonable highs.

Side note... I use the phrase 'Follow the Money' a lot here... This is in no way related to our friends at 'FTMIG' who do a very different and positive job reporting on these money moves, just a turn of the phrase!

Great events this week:

  • Spotlight Mining E-conference: 'Hard rock to Hard Cash' May 7th, 17:00 (London) Register
  • Kai Hoffman @soarfinancial on Twitter is hosting regular 'Ask anything' sessions with CEOs
  • The European Geoscience Union GA (suposed to be outside my apartment in Vienna with 15,000 Geos drinking heavily around me!) has partially moved online. Some fantastic sessions available for free through the week HERE

Sunday Snacks:

  • Peter Epstein writes about Vangold Mining: Article
  • A message from John-Mark Staude at Riverside Resources: Article
  • New blog from the Angry Geo: Winu - Exciting times in the Pilbara
  • Great Thunder Signs LOI, Positioning to Become One of the Largest Landholders around Wallbridge’s Fenelon Deposit in Quebec - News Release
  • Libero announces Private Placement: News Release
  • Peloton PP and CEO writes off fees: News Release
  • KORE Mining Defines Gold Exploration Targets Adjacent to Imperial and Extending to the Mesquite Mine: News Release

We're starting to see the late-spring bloom of placements opening up and many are also filling up quickly! We're hosting investor group presentations from €200k for a jolly run into West Africa along to £30m development phase projects and it's quite exciting! If you're interested in joininig our 'Spotlight Mining Capital' group and these focussed seminars, do let me know...

For now, I'll leave you with some splashy drone footage of some of the most stunning places our team got to last year. It was a truly exciting one!

See you tomorrow amigos.

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