Tales from the Covid Bunker: Day 8

VIDEO: The 'End of the World' today comes from Francois at Sleipner in Finland, who build big mining machines that carry bigger mining machines... Very cool stuff.

TELEPHONE, La bombe humaine - Definitely more obscure than our previous choices, I hope you've brushed up on your Francais...

G’day Apocalypse Bunker buddies,

Housekeeping notes: With the cancellation of all of our overseas jobs for the foreseeable future…  I’m waving a tin can around in the proverbial mining streets this week. I’ve launched a Patreon service, where you can sponsor our newsletter and content from €3/month. All support will be greatly appreciated.

Exciting news nuggets from the bunker today!

News Nugget 1: We welcome Riverside Resources (TSXv: RRI) through the barricades (after thorough temperature checks and screening) as our latest newsletter sponsor! I’ve been plugging and covering them for months already, because I do genuinely believe in their project generator model in Mexico and Canada. It will be lovely to set more time and space aside for technical write-ups and discussion on their lesser known properties and holdings.

Yesterday Riverside put out news from their operations, check it out HERE.

News Nugget 2: Alongside our geo-finance proficient friend Charles Stephenson in London, we’ll be launching an interactive online webinar series from next week!

In a mad dash to stay in touch without perilously infecting the wider population, we’ve put together a web service for companies, investors and creepy anonymous strangers to connect and chat from the comfort of their own pyjamas. Registration for our first 1 hour e-conference will be announced here and space will be limited.

Markets are an unknown today and being wholly ignored. My trading app has crashed and will only show me a flatline so… Either the German market’s heart has given up and it has literally died, or I’m not missing much. Let me know how I did either way!

Last night I had a nice chat with mining knowledge accumulator Derek Wood in Calgary, we discussed projects from Northstar Gold, Tocvan Ventures and his thoughts about the junior mining space. Derek is positive about a strong recovery for juniors, hear why…

I’m snowed under getting the new online service set up so, I’ll keep today short and sweet and let you get back to playing the SIMS or managing a catastrophic crash in global finance… whichever you prefer.

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