TGI Spotlight Friday 12-6-20

Featured Image: Panning for gold with Prospech in Slovakia this week, our first ‘post-corona’ site visit.


  • Vangold Mining complete bulk sampling at El Pinguico and present results: NR (PDF) – Video
  • Riverside Resources update on North American Exploration – KER Podcast
  • Golden Opportunity become ‘Silver Sands Resources’ – Website
  • Brixton Metals Identify New targets and hit the field – NR
  • Fireweed Zinc Announce 2020 program – NR
  • Anaconda Mining begin drilling at Goldboro – NR
  • Crystal Lake Mining become ‘Enduro Metals Corp – NR
  • GR Silver share more results from Plomosas – NR (PDF)


Yesterday we hosted another banging heat in our pitch-battle ‘king of the ring’ series featuring Excellon ResourcesNew Pacific Metals and Mountain Boy Minerals. All three gave strong presentations with technical, environmental, financial and entertaining discussions.

But we know, there can only be one winner in the ring and with just 1 vote more than New Pacific Metals in polls… Excellon got the three count and raised their fists in celebration.

I’ve harked on about all three of these projects, I’m a big supporter of MTB up in British Columbia who have found a great new energy in their VPX Lucia Theny to hit targets and push their technical story forwards, following historic workings around the town of Stewart to make new discoveries.

I’m a shareholder of Excellon, spotting their late recovery from the corona dip and getting in just in time at €0.36 before they rallied back to €0.60 (today somewhere around €0.50). Excellon’s superb ‘first mover’ project in Braunsdorf is one of my favourites in the world as an advocate for European mining and regional developments and resource security. It is one of the world’s most significant silver districts and is begging to be drilled and sensibly mined. Follow this exceptinal new project with existing work in Mexico and you have my perfect company… Self-financing production being used to fund new ventures and build the company.

New Pacific need little introduction. Their Silver Sands project ticks every box with positive community and government relations, compliant resources, provisional mining licences, plenty of money in the bank and key strategic investment for development. I suppose they now sit in that worrying category along with Great Bear and other’s at +$500m where the target really becomes production/development and, the market won’t respond to wild high-grade drill hits and data like it used to… We need to see some money coming back into the bank soon! They are at the development stage along their ‘Lassonde Curve’ and I personally think they’ll steadily move on up to production… But the world is cruel to miners with genuine ambitions and strength so… Roll the dice and ask again in 12, 24, 36… months!


The Post-Corona Season: Thank you to Prospech Limited for hosting us on a superb trip down into Slovakia’s mining history in Banska Stiavnica this week. We got to see some immense 100g/t+ exposures in accessible historic workings and crash a drone in their core shed. Myself and our videographer ( on instagram) will be sharing videos and info as the weeks pass along so you can join (and invest your millions into) this marvellous story!

The Money: Is it corrections, random volatility, profit taking at peaks, who knows, but we’ve had a ridiculous week of trading and trying to stay on top of the red-green-red-green has been tiring. I sold off my Exro at €0.75, 150% up just before it collapsed back to €0.40. Not that I don’t believe in the company, but 50% was my original target and taking 150% seemed reasonable to me; I’ll be getting the beers in this week! On the downer… I jumped in far too soon on First Quantum, buying into a run at €6.58 too late in the day and losing 15%.

Chakana Copper have remained fairly stable despite all the bucking around them, only a few cents either way, I’m assuming this means they have some sensible long-term investors, not just random flailing morons jumping in and out.

The Industry: My inbox is flooded with opportunities which is a blessing and a curse. We are being offered projects to fundraise on or develop ourselves, across Europe, Africa and South-America… But nothing in Canada or the USA haha… Make of that what you will. The most exciting prospects I’m following up are with Prospech (as above) in Slovakia and with friends in Romania.

I’m very big on the European thing (as above!)… This is partly because I’m too lazy to keep flying everywhere and mostly because actually we have bigger and better deposits and geology here in our back-gardens than most of BC, LATAM and West Africa. We have HUGE copper, nickel, cobalt, lithium and gold all just sat there… The issue is one of social ignorance, which the right company, with the right morals and community engagement programs, will not find an issue at all.

THE BIG NEWS: Coming next week… Myself and a group of good friends have formed a new private mineral exploration company. We are over the moon to be working together with superb enthusiastic investment that supports our ESG and business goals to bring a new clean and respectful approach to the industry. We are moving at light speed to secure some thrilling licences with local partners and I will give you a thorough update when we can share our data and plans!

Cheers everybody, Enjoy the micro-boom this month… It might be the only one we get for a while ?

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