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Another week passes. More things have happened and are going to happen. Here are some of them.

Featured Image: Barrick's Pascua-Lama project across Argentina and Chilean borders -


Mawson Resources Ltd (TSXV:MAW,FSE:MXR, PK:MWSNF) announced completion of 3 drill holes at Sunday Creek, and are to commence diamond drilling at their Redcastle and Victorian projects this coming week. Results round 1 are expected before October.

Orca Gold (TSXV:ORG) recently updated their Block 14 Gold Project feasibility study and show improved operating costs and NPV. The project is located on Sudan’s southern border and has 3,342 k/oz Au and 4, 358 k/oz Ag indicated resources.

Beowolf Mining (AIM:BEM) announced results of an expert market assessment on the potential products of their Kallak iron ore deposit. The deposit is high grade magnetite with up to 71.5% Fe and a low concentration of detrimental elements. This would make it a market leader should it be mined. The Kallak deposit is located in Norrbotten in northern Sweden and is protected by the Swedish Geological Society from land use competition and anything that may hinder mineral extraction.


Barrick Gold (TSX: ABX, NYSE: GOLD) have finally been ordered to close their Pascua-Lama Au-Ag project in Chile over environmental misdemeanours. The court confirmed that Barrick had failed to appropriately monitor glaciers, negatively affected water quality and used water quality monitoring measures that did not comply with Chilean standards. They were issued a $9m fine. The mine would have produced up to 850,000oz Au and 35m oz Ag in its first 5 years.
“Barrick is a very different company since its merger with Randgold and we now have a strong focus on establishing good relations with the communities and authorities” Marcelo Álvarez, Exec. Direc. Chile and Argentina, Barrick Gold.

The Eden Project in Cornwall will begin work in the following week for their geothermal heat and power project. Stage one of work constitutes drilling a 4.5km deep well which will be used to heat Biomes, greenhouses, and offices at the Eden Project.

Cornish Lithium report promising results. Lithium grades are some of the highest in the world (up to 260mg/L Li). Chemical quality is very good compared to published records. There is potential for B, Rb, Cs and K as by-products and Mg is low. They have recently received funding to build a pilot Lithium extraction plant in the South West UK.
“The lithium grades reported from the deep geothermal waters at United Downs are globally significant.” Dr Rob Bowell, SRK Consulting

The Australian Government invest A$1.9 billion in low-emission technology. A$1.9b is being invested to place Australia in a position where emissions are lower, and future energy supply is safer. Work will include building a hydrogen export centre, aiding businesses to utilise green technology, and developing small-scale energy grids for remote communities. Another A$50m is going to the ‘carbon capture, use, and storage’ development fund (CCUS) which supports Glencore’s CC projects in Aus. The government hopes to increase the rate at which they approach their environmental goals.


Tuesday 22nd, 10:00 GMT +1 - ‘Blockchain in Mining, 2020’.  Where Blockchain meets mining. Speakers will demonstrate and discuss the application of blockchain technology to the mining industry and beyond. Spaces are limited.

Wednesday 23rd, 7:00 GMT - ‘Unravelling the Geology of Olympic Dam’ by Dr. Kathy Ehrig and Jesse Clark.

Wednesday 23rd, 16:00 GMT - ‘Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) for Geoscientists’ by Monica Ospina and OTrade.

Thursday 24th, 5:00 BST - Mines & Money 5 @ 5. EMEA digital networking event with Darren Gordon (Certaurus Metals), Ian Bamborough (Saturn Metals), Michael Hudson (Mawson Gold) and Matthew Greentree (Ausgold).

See you all next week!



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