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Company announcements seem to be coming thick and fast now the industry is mobilising post-COVID. It is a welcome reinvigoration, and exciting to be finding out what has been going on behind the scenes during the interval.

Featured Image: Fresh core at Tietto's Abujar project in CDI


Tietto Minerals (ASX:TIE) announced interception of high grade gold at their Abujar Gold Project, Côte D’Ivoire, ahead of an updated mineral resources estimate which is expected in October 2020. Results include: 21m @ 7.34 containing 4m @ 35.08, 1m @ 134.48 g/t Au. Abujar is a 2.2Moz gold project in central Western Cote D’Ivoire currently undergoing drilling to further delineate mineral resources. A PFS is expected in Q1 2021.

Mawson Gold (TSXV:MAW,FSE:MXR,PK:MWSNF) have had an exciting week reporting the filing of a NI 32-101 mineral resource estimate for their 100% owned Rajapalot project in Finland. The report doubles the estimates published 20 months prior. They also announced commencement of a 2.2km diamond drill program and geophysical survey at Rajapalot which will continue to the end of Q4 2020.

Cabral Gold (TSXV:CBR, CBGZF) moved a second drill rig into their Cuiú Cuiú project, Brazil, shortly following the start of their year-long intensive ‘regional’ drill program across the area. 6 new high-grade veins were identified immediately north of their defined MG deposit.

Oriole Resources (AIM:ORR) announce positive interim results and high grade results from sampling at their Bibemi project in Cameroon where they hope to begin drilling later in 2020. They also await drill results from the Faré earn-in with IAMGOLD in Senegal.

Scotgold (AIM:SGZ) released results of ongoing exploration at their Cononish Gold and Silver project, which aims to upgrade existing potential and delineate new mineralisation. Gold and silver anomalies have been found at Cononish and two other prospects. The mine is set for first gold by 30th November 2020.

Sampling boulders with Mawson Resources in August 2020
Sampling boulders with Mawson Resources in August 2020


A Rolls-Royce powered mine? 15 Rolls Royce gas generator sets (an engine and an electric generator, its ok I googled it too) will be sent to the Iron Bridge magnetite mine in WA and integrated into a solar farm and battery storage project. This is part of micro-grid development aimed at sustainably powering Iron Bridge. The Iron Bridge project is operated by the Fortescue Metals Group.

Good news for Venezuelan mining. Potentially. Encuentro Ciudadano (current opposition party) are preparing a report to facilitate discussions in parliament on the country’s mining laws which are, at present, designed to allow exploitation. Use of cyanide, although banned, is a huge environmental concern. The group are currently navigating a long-standing turbulent political climate, and I for one very much hope they succeed.

Telsa take on mining through their acquisition of a 10,000-acre lithium clay deposit in Nevada. The news came in tandem with the unveiling of their new battery technology. Credit to Elon Musk for so aggressively pursuing the EV future, although some of his claims as to the ubiquity of lithium call into question his understanding of…well a lot. Hopefully, he isn’t applying for the position of Mine Manager.

“People haven’t even been trying. It’s just like widely available.” About lithium. Elon Musk, 2020.

Following their controversial purchase of a cobalt stream from Glencore’s famously unethical operations in the Katanga region of the DRC, Tesla (and Glencore) have joined The Fair Cobalt Alliance. They aim to improve conditions of artisanal mining in the DRC with a focus on eradicating child labour. It’s a relatively new organisation, so we will see what progress they make now the world is watching.

Changes to mining education in the UK has inspired a host of opinionated tweets and linkedin posts. This is following a lockdown (according to my sphere of influence anyway) spent discussing the future of the industry in the eyes of the environmentally conscious public and the disparity between the requirements of the industry and lack of intake to Geoscience programs. See below for more on this topic.


Plenty to keep you extra busy this week. I for one will be rising bright and early for the talk by Walid Salama - I never thought I would miss early morning lectures, but here I find myself signing up left right and centre.

Wednesday 30th, 8:00 BST - ‘Mineral Exploration in weathered and covered terrains.’ By Walid Salama. Hosted by the Ore Deposits Hub.

Wednesday 30th, 17:00 BST - ‘Geologic Evolution and Gold Metallogeny of China’. By Richard Goldfarb. Hosted by Ore Deposits Hub.

Friday 2nd October, 7:00 BST - ‘Welcome to Mathymetry’ By Richard Scott. Data science approach to the South Australian cover sequence. Hosted on GeoHUG.

Monday 5th to Friday 9th October - ‘ESG Week’. A Natural Resources Forum event that will host a number of panel discussions on various ESG topics, with a focus on sustainability. Tickets are free to WIM members.

See you all next week!



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