Vangold Mining: Entering El Pinguico

Featured Image: The first steps in over 100 years into El Pinguico

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Vangold Mining (TSXv - VGLD): Very few companies can say they've made it to bulk sampling and reopening of underground workings in their operational time. There are only a handful who can claim to have done it in <5 years...

Vangold have now begun clearing and preparing their lower 6th shaft level at El Pinguico, and have only been active in their current form since May 2020... It is a phenomenal turnaround from a stagnant historic project to being fully funded with enthusiastic investors, skilled local crews and management driving every angle forwards.

The team have repurchased royalties, engaged Endeavour Silver for bulk sampling and now made it down to their lower levels underground. As a shareholder myself, I can't find anything to be critical of, and any regular readers will know how rare that is.

I can't tell you what to do with your money, but I can tell you what I do with mine! I joined the last PP at $0.155 and completely expect this to rocket ahead in the coming months/years...

In the short term... because I trust James Anderson their CEO and the teams on the ground to keep delivering on their promises... There's a high volume of significant news flow and this is really the only project of its type advancing in the world publicly right now. Genuine junior production and expansion/development at $0.16 is absolutely unheard of.

In the long term... Because there's a high-grade historic mine at the end of the waste materials, potentially waiting to be drilled and expanded and this could be completely self-funded from the profits of processing existing stocks. Vangold are a significant target for buy-out/merger with a nearby major, or even to become a small regional producer themselves.

Check out the first ever recorded images from the shaft and a newly discovered vein exposure HERE.

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