Geophysx Jamaica


Geophysx Jamaica are a privately held and funded exploration company focussed on using their in-house local team to not only explore the mineral potential of Jamaica, but further understanding of the geology of the island. With the largest portfolio of 100%-owned licenses in the country spanning both base and precious metal assets and a seriously experienced exploration team, Geophysx are passionately and sustainably unlocking Jamaica’s mineral potential.

The company are not only committed to utilising modern exploration techniques, but to being a socially and environmentally sustainable business in both operations and afterwards. For example, they rehabilitated a former drill site to farmland which now produces food for the local community. They were also one of the first companies to use the Stryde Multinode High Density Seismic system which requires no wires, lines or stripping back of the natural environment and they developed ‘The Unicorn’ - a magnetic survey drone able to perform low-impact and non-invasive geophysical survey. To stay up to date with the work Geophysx get up to, you can follow them on Instagram @GeophysxJamaica.

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