Globex Mining Enterprises (TSX:GMX, OTCQX:GLBXF, FRA:G1MN) has positioned itself successfully in the junior mining industry by owning properties with major potential for resource discovery, and exploring, optioning, joint venturing or occasionally selling them to generate cash for investors. These holdings represent a cross-section of the mining industry, covering base and precious metals as well as specialty metals and minerals such as talc and graphite. With over 180 properties currently in its portfolio, Globex specialises in North America and has holdings in Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Tennessee, Nevada and Washington. The company targets properties with defined resources or reserves, as well as those with large upside potential because of untested geophysical anomalies, mineralised drill sections or recorded mineral showings.

Some of Globex’s flagship properties include:

  • Pandora Wood and Central Cadillac Mines in Quebec’s premier gold province, which Globex operates in a JV with Canadian Malartic;
  • Timmins Talc-Magnesite Deposit in Deloro Township, Ontario, which is 100% owned by Globex;
  • Tiblemont-Tavernier, a gold/polymetallic property in Quebec wholly owned by Globex;
  • Tonnancour, a polymetallic project in Quebec, also wholly owned by the company; and
  • Duquesne-Ottoman, a gold project in Quebec that is 50% owned by Globex and 50% by a related private company.

Despite the flagships experiencing much exploration by Globex itself, the company’s chief source of income is from engaging in agreements with other parties. This allows the Globex to grow with minimal dilution of shareholders, as well as injecting cash and shares through optioning agreements and joint ventures, plus generating long-term security by retaining royalties on future production. This business model also minimises the risk inherent in the junior mining world, since that risk is generally assumed by Globex’s partners, and that allows the company to conserve its cash reserves.

Clearly, Globex has developed a smart and innovative way to operate in the junior mining industry, thanks to a highly experienced and agile team at the helm.