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Mundoro Capital (TSX-V:MUN) is a Canadian based publicly listed company that focuses on generating future returns and value for their shareholders directly through their mineral properties. Combining their great expertise in mineral finance, project evaluation, exploration, and project development, Mundoro creates long-term shareholder value. As a result, the Company continues to grow an attractive portfolio of projects primarily focused on base and precious metals in Serbia, Bulgaria, China, and Mexico.

The presence of Mundoro in Latin America can be found in the famous mining district, known as the Mesas Central Block in Mexico, more specifically, in the Company's 100% owned Cuencame Property in Durango State. The proximity of the Valardeña and Penasquito projects to Mundoro’s Cuencame Property offers important conceptual indications regarding the geological and economic potential of the Cuencame concessions.

The Cuencame Property lies on the Southeast corner of Durango State, Mexico. The nearest centre is Torrean, located in Coahuila State, and Durango City 150 km Southwest by highway. It includes 3 concessions that occur in a E-W series of valleys covering 430 km2. One of the concessions (Cuencame 2) is located in Coahuila State and the other two concessions (Cuencame and Cuencame 1) in Durango. The region is well serviced by paved and gravel roads, rail access, workforces, laboratories, geological support, and survey teams.

The local geology is typical of the Mesa Central Block and recent sampling from the 2011 technical report[1] has confirmed that the limestone on the Cuencame concession belongs to the most favourable host sedimentary units (Jurassic-Cretaceous limestones, silts and sandstones intruded by Tertiary intrusions). The presence of polymetallic skarn replacement Formations and/or epithermal vein type deposits were observed in the immediate and far area. Additionally, the technical report issued in 2011 recognized three types of mineralization in the Cuencame Concessions:

  1. Vein-type and mantos containing polymetallic mineralizations (Pb, Zn, Cu, Ag, Au)
  2. Vein-type (epithermal) containing precious metals (Au, Ag)
  3. Porphyry copper type with disseminations, veins, and veinlets of copper minerals

Much remains to be known but the many recent exploration success stories for Penasquito style breccia deposits, Carbonate Replacement deposits and epithermal vein deposits in Mexico make the Cuencame Property an exciting new target for Mundoro.

Mundoro also boast precious and base metals projects in Serbia and Bulgaria. In Serbia they are involved in 3 porphyry and epithermal prospective projects. Their Svoboda project in Bulgari is similarly prospective for high sulphidation epithermal and porphyry mineralisation. The region has several significant projects and a wealth of historical production indicating strong endowment of the area.

Mundoro, like any good company, are committed to community engagement near their projects. They do so by supporting cultural festivals in Serbia and helping fund road repairs. In the town of Mineralni Bani in Bulgaria, Mundoro committed financially assisting renovation of the medical clinic in the town for 3 years.

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