Privacy Policy

Spotlight Mining & GRG are grateful to our friends and subscribers, you keep us in business, we have no intention of abusing any of the information you have kindly shared with us.

GRG are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office of the United Kingdom for the control and protection of subscription and marketing information. We adhere to the rules and regulations of the United Kingdom when processing your data and report to the ICO in case of any data compliancy breach or concern.

We do not buy, sell or share information and will only use records internally for the purposes described during your subscription or registration to our mailing list, events &/or investor database.

Your data may be transmitted using digital tools and services outside of the United Kingdom. For example, we use email forwarding and CRM services such as Mailchimp & MailerLite, social media management tools such as Loomly & SocialBee & cloud storage services, which may use servers in the USA, Canada & Europe, but we endeavour to only use secure, mainstream digital services with an ‘equal or higher’ protection level than our local British databases, to protect your information.

For more information on the rules and guidelines that influence how we process and manage our data, please visit