Spotlight on North America


A continent with great geological and geographical diversity, North America hosts a wealth of mineral resources and is home to many friends of Spotlight Mining: Riverside Resources, Auramex Resources, Vangold Mining, Enduro Metals, Mountain Boy Minerals, Excellon Resources, and Mundoro Capital. Of course, by home, we mean exploration territory. While Auramex and Enduro are whipping up an orogenic gold storm in the Abitibi Belt, Canada, Vangold, Excellon and Enduro favour the higher temperature weather and lower temperature mineralisation of epithermal-rich Mexico. Riverside Resources straddle the great continent and keep busy across Mexico and Canada with 100%-owned and partner-funded programs. Mountain Boy Minerals (and their exploration dog Sitka) maintain a portfolio of polymetallic base and precious metal porphyry, epithermal and VHMS projects in the Golden Triangle, BC.

While gold production dominates the image of the Canadian, American, and Mexican mining industries, the diversity of each country’s production is much broader than often discussed. The United States remain global leaders in the production of boron, gold, and iron, and recent global geopolitical events are increasing their interest in sourcing REEs in-country from significant deposits such as Round Top Mountain. Canada, famous for its gold-rich greenstone belts, produces upwards of 60 different minerals. It is one of the top 10 producers of battery metals cobalt, graphite, and nickel and is the 2nd largest producer of uranium. The country is also the world’s leading producer of potash used in fertiliser and a significant diamond producer. Canada is also home to one of the world’s largest mining finance centres, Toronto, and Tier 1 mining jurisdictions. Down in Mexico their abundance of silver puts them as the first-place producer. The country is further a global leader in the production of gold, copper, and zinc as well as some important and underappreciated materials including fluorite, cadmium, baryte, wollastonite, sodium sulphate and salt. Mexico’s long history of mining gives advantage to operators here, with historic mines and adits providing historic data and direct access to the subsurface. At Vangold’s El Pingcuico project for example, historic mining adits have allowed them to begin exploration with an advanced understanding compared to a greenfields project.

The combination of natural wealth and technologically-advancing industries in North America provide a substantial backdrop for some significant shifts in global supply chains as the world as a whole aims to transition to low-carbon industry and economy.