Not another ‘Tales from the covid Bunker’ (Day 9)

Above Image: Flying above the Georgie River camp with Auramex Resource Corp.

END OF THE WORLD: Mike Fox from The Prospector jumps into the fray for another bite at the apocalyptic apple... David Bowie - 5 Years

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Oh joy it’s Saturday,

Although while in quarantine my days all seem to blend into one continuous blur of video editing and emailing with occasional breaks into airy reality for cigarettes.

Today I’m working on Spotlight’s data management system, which sounds fancy, but hasn’t been, until today. We’ve recorded around 6tb of footage in the last 18 months between 15 partner companies and at countless events and until this week I haven’t had enough time to transfer files between hard drives and put them into logical orders, it has all been securely backed up, but messy!

For reference: In Reduced AVI format, Season 4, episode 3 of X-files (Teliko) is 43:39 long and 350mb in size. Our team have recorded mostly in 4K (with some lazier work done in regular 1080HD or from a phone in risky patches) so account for the significant quality difference, but you can see, we have a lot of footage to trawl through and organise!

By the end-of-play tonight we’ll have everything we’ve ever filmed, every photo we’ve taken and every article we’ve written in neat tidy folders uploading softly into the blankets and warmth of our cloud server. It’s a satisfying feeling.

What does this mean for you? Nothing really. Sorry. At least you learned something about the greatest TV show ever made?

The amount of times I’ve instinctively gone to correct Mulder, Scully or any old ‘expert of the week’ on that show on their forensic soil chemistry or the specific grains of sediment they’ve used from a shoe to trace a monster back to a portaloo and… realised they were correct… is ridiculous. I don’t know if Chris Carter and the team actually knew anything about soil mineralogy or if it was all luck, but they’re convincingly good with their sci-fi-sci.

I think in season 1 Mulder talks about oxygen hydrogen isotope ratios in an ice core and how they might relate to parasitic life… Instead of fluffing about with regular television science jargon, he delivers a textbook perfect argument.

Great show.

MEET THE TEAM: Andre from Crystal Lake Mining tells us what its like living and working up in the mountains of Northern BC. This outcrop was my favourite filming location of my career. I might never see anywhere this beautiful again in my life.

Last night The whole of Slovakia hosted a minute of applause and cheers, out of windows, from balconies and hovering on patios. It was chilling to step outside and feel 420,000 humans clap and cheer and shout. It was organised (I think) to honour essential frontline workers who are still on call in hospitals, delivering supplies or collecting the bins all over the country, despite a semi-strict quarantine.

While I didn’t really understand at the time and just stood and absorbed the electric atmosphere and noise, I’d like to add my claps and wahoos here, to anybody reading this who is out and keeping the world turning, stay safe amigos and don't do anything stupid.

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