Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions.

  1. Competition is open to all self-identifying females.
  2. You must have a suitable passport for entry to Canada in September 2019.
  3. Due to the rugged and remote locations involved, the winner must be in reasonable physical health, comfortable with mountainous terrain and happy living in a remote camp.
    1. The camps have been inspected, they are safe, clean and have basic facilities, including clothes washing, showers, full catering and raised beds in shared wall tents of no more than 3 people.
    2. We hope to offer similar experiences for those who are less mobile in the future.
  4. The competition will be judged fairly by representatives from each of the supporting companies and a winner will be announced in the first week of August.
  5. Travel is planned to be between 1st September 2019 & 30th September 2019. You must confirm you are available for these dates.
  6. The result of judging is final.
  7. Expenses included: Return flights to Vancouver, travel to sites, accommodation, food.
    1. Should you need any extra equipment or support for the trip, please ask in advance as the trip visits remote locations, some 6 hours from the nearest shops.
  8. The $2000 spending money offered by our sponsors is not to be considered a ‘wage’ or ‘bursary’. You are officially visiting our projects as a geo-tourist, not an employee or student.
    1. Your spending money can be paid into any European or North American bank account upon arrival to Vancouver for you to enjoy your time here.
    2. Your visit as a tourist should be made clear on any visa application.
  9. This competition involves a large amount of media coverage, by entering you agree to suitable images and videos of you being used for promotional purposes by our partner companies and organisations.
  10. By entering this competition, you agree to your personal data being shared with our sponsors and to receive emails in future from Spotlight Mining Ltd. You can unsubscribe at any time from this service by clicking the appropriate links in the emails, or by emailing ‘Media@SpotlightMining.com’ with ‘UNSUBSCRIBE’ in the subject line.
    1. We will not sell or distribute your data beyond the scope of this competition.
    2. We hate spam as much as you do, we will be responsible with our content and your data.
  11. While our hosts are insured and equipped on site, personal travel insurance is essential for any adventure. We recommend a suitable policy for medical expenses and emergencies in Canada. We will ask for proof of this policy.
  12. While on site, you must abide by all on site regulations regarding health and safety and follow any reasonable instructions from experienced employees and management. Not doing so may put yourself and others at risk and may result in immediate termination of the field visit.
    1. While every effort is made to care for the team, accidents can happen. We insist that you report any/all issues to the site-crew immediately.
    2. Both sites rely on helicopters and ATVs for access and transport, please familiarise yourself with basic helicopter safety information here https://heliny.com/basic-helicopter-safety-tips/ – You will be given full safety briefing before entering any craft on-site.
    3. Forest fires are a serious problem with the increase in global temperatures and lower rainfall. Sites have strict fire safety protocols for prevention, evacuation and manage water pumps for tackling fires, where safe to do so. You will be briefed on this before entering site.
    4. We take large steps to protect the environment we work and live in. Any actions considered unnecessarily destructive or polluting will be frowned upon and may result in the termination of the trip. Take only photos, leave only footprints, oh, and probably a few rock samples too, there’s lots of those!
  13. This competition is organised by Spotlight Mining Ltd. – For further queries you can contact: Media@SpotlightMining.com or write to: Spotlight Mining Ltd., 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1N 3AX.
    1. Spotlight Mining Ltd. are organising this trip on behalf of others and take no responsibility for the ultimate ends or events of this trip.
    2. Spotlight Mining Ltd. will assist you wherever possible, but your personal safety remains your own responsibility. We insist you are fully trained and insured before entering any sites of potential risk and are aware of these potential risks in advance.
    3. Spotlight Mining Ltd. take no responsibility for the actions of other associated organisations during this project.